MID-2002 Guard Tour System


MID-2002 Guard Tour Reader employs inductive data collection (RFID), and single-chip manufacturing technologies. It detect and read tags automatically. The guard tour reader is used to collect relevant patrol information at set point such as route, guard, location, time and event, then upload them to the PC for processing and verification. The 2002 Data Download Station serves as direct connection between the PC and the guard tour reader, to allow for immediate uploading of reader data as well as initialization of the reader.


button2  Super durable with 3 layer anti-shock structure including a metallic ally body, molded rebber outer shell and     silicone gel padding surrounding the internal electronics
button2  Button free and automatic card-detection and reading no button-press needed
button2  Wireless data transfer with upload data into software database wirelessly via Comm. station
button2  Completely waterproof and sealed against liquids
button2  Non-contact reading where reads signal card wirelessly
button2  Reliable flash memory data storage, dont lose data even when batteries run out


MID-2002 Guard Tour Reader Specification 
  Card Reading   Inductive / Non-Contact
  Card Format   125 Khz EMID
  Reading Range   3-6 cm
  Power Capacity   ~330,000 Readings
  Battery Type   CR123 3V Single-Use Lithium
  Display   LED Status Light
  Waterproof   Completely Sealed
  Memory   30,179 records
  Data Reliability   Flash Memory, Store Data without Electricityge/Fast Register
  PC Connection   Wireless Comm. Station
  Working Temperature   -40 to 70 °C
  Working Humidity   0 to 95 %
  Dimension / Weight   120 x 35 x 26 mm / 142g


MID-2002 Data Download Station Specification

  Connection with Reader   RFID Wireless Connection
  Connection with PC   USB
  Data Transfer Speed   30 records per second
  Working Temperature   -20 to 70 °C
  Working Humidity   0 to 95 %
  Dimension   159 x 79 x 33 mm

Ordering Information

2002 2002 Downloder 2002 PACKAGE token wallet
MD-00GT-003 MD-00GT-BS1 MD-00GT-003-PKG MC-0052-001-AA MC-00GT-WALLET-12



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