Mid Range Reader



button2  Operation Voltage : DC12V~15V 2A
button2  Operation Current : 100mA
button2  Operation Frequency : 125 Khz
button2  Respond Distance : 40-100 cm (depends on site condition & card to be used)
button2  Output Format : Wiegand 26 bits
button2  Work Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
button2  Humidity: 95%
button2  Dimension: 235 x 240 x 35 mm

MID Range Reader Accessories

mid range card with frame

button2  125 Khz carrier frequency
button2  Read Range : 60 - 100 cm
button2  Dimension : 86 x 54 x 1.8 mm

mid range holder with frame

button2  Mid-Rang Reader Holder
button2  Material : Acrylic plastic


Ordering Information

MidRangeReader mid range card with frame mid range holder with frame  
MR-00MR-26 MC-00MR-001-DD MR-00MR-H01



button2  Brochure
button2 Mid Range Reader Manual


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