Micro ID turnstile is a electro mechanical turnstile. Its unique mechanical drive design allow the arm to be pushed effortlessly and auto-rotate back without any expensive electric motor. Sturdy rock solid internal mechanical parts design maximize its durability for industrial usage. Micro ID turnstile can effectivelt control high volume human traffic (up to 25 person per minutes) while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphera.They can easily be integrated with any electronic system for ticketing, access control or time attendance. Micro ID Turnstile is suitable for indoor. They are optimized economical solution for railway, bus station, factory, colleges, commercial building, library, stadium, game park, bank and etc.

button2  Mechanical drive unit with solenoid locking mechanism eliminate the use of expensive electric motor. This allow turnstile to be more economical system. All parts is modular and easy to be changed during maintainance.
button2  If arm rotated more than half, it will auto-rotate to the next idle position, If rm rotated less than half, it will auto-rotate back to the current idle position.
button2  Built in adjustable tensioner to control rotation force to minimize over rotation. Arm just need to be pushed lightly to rotate therefore even elderly or children are able to use the turnstile. Tensioner will always push the arm back to home position. 
button2  Turnstile can be configured to be bi-directional or uni-directional. Housing is locked to avoid tampering. LED to indicate bi-direction and no access.
button2  Anti-tailgating. Smart lock mechanism effectively allow only oner person to pass through at a time. Support pre-set lock time delay.
button2  During power failure, arm will drop automatically allowing free pass through. 

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Description Specificaiton
Power Supply  AC 230V ± 10V
Power Consumption Idle 16 watt, Operating 38 watt
Respond Time 0.3 second
Pass Speed 25 person per minute

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